What are the Pilonidal sinus symptoms – Get Every Info in 2022

If you are looking for pilonidal sinus symptoms and their causes and treatments with other details, this article is right for you. Pilonidal sinus is nothing but a small tunnel or hole in the skin filled with pus or fluid, resulting in the formulation of a cyst.

It mostly takes place in the aperture at the top of the buttocks, and usually, a pilonidal cyst comprises debris, dirt, and hair, which can cause extreme pain and become infected. Below we will discuss this in detail.

Causes of pilonidal sinus:

To be precise, it is yet unknown what is the exact root cause of pilonidal sinus. It is believed that it is the amalgamation of changing hormones during puberty, friction from clothes, and hair growth or if you happen to sit for a prolonged period. This factor can cause pilonidal sinus disease.

Because consistently sitting for a long time can compile the head to grow in the area at the top of the buttocks around under the skin. However, your body is unaware of this hair growth and considers it distant and produces an immune response. And the reason behind the formulation of cyst around your hair is the immunization response. However, sometimes an individual may suffer from several sinuses that relate under the skin.

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Who can suffer from pilonidal sinus disease?

pilonidal sinus
  • Anyone can experience pillow nidal sinus symptoms, but specific people or at a higher possibility of risk
  • The high chances are associated with men, and they are three to four times more likely to be impacted with this condition compared to women.
  • If an individual happened to sit all day, that includes office employees and truck drivers
  • Individuals between puberty and who have crossed age 40
  • It is possible on individual who tends to wear tight clothes as it can what’s the skin condition
  • Individuals with rough or dry body hair

Pilonidal sinus symptoms:

Individuals find it challenging to know the pilonidal sinus symptoms initially because it happens as a minor dimple like slump thingy on your skin surface. But once the slump gets infected, it doesn’t take any late to form into a cyst. And the possible symptom includes.

The individual may experience extreme pain and swelling for several days as pus is surrounded on the skin, causing infection. It can be very tender and painful.

And sometimes, an individual may experience persistent symptoms but with less pain as the sinus releases some pus, which lowers the pressure and flame from becoming severe. But it does not get fade off completely as the symptoms of fluid discharge and pain can last for the long term and sometimes give a burning sensation from time to time until an operation or surgery remediates it.

  • Individuals may also feel pain if they stand or sit
  • Sore skin or reddening of the skin around the affected area
  • Hair sticking out from the lesion
  • Swelling of the cyst
  • Formulation of more than one sinus area for the hole in the skin

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What are the treatment options for a pilonidal cyst?

If an individual is diagnosed with one or more pilonidal cysts, their doctor will suggest a treatment plan according to their needs. It may depend on the severity of pilonidal sinus symptoms, whether they may or may not need surgical treatment to remove their pilonidal cyst. But there are other various treatment options accessible apart from surgical treatment that includes injections like phenol which is an acidic chemical substance that can help remediate and prevent moderate or mild below needle system

  • Depleting the cyst:

This treatment option has to be performed in the doctor’s cabin, so a small cut will be done to open and free up the fluid from the individual’s infected cyst

  • Laser therapy:

This therapy removes hair and stops it from growing inside, and promote more pilonidal cyst from recurring back

  • Antibiotics

Antibiotics or medication can help remediate skin inflammation, but if you are looking forward to healing this condition completely, then antibiotics are not the right solution as they can’t cure pilonidal cysts on their own

But before opting for any treatment options, just discuss with your doctor and diagnose your condition properly and follow the suitable recommended treatment to overcome these symptoms.


Is pilonidal sinus serious?

When an individual is infected with pilonidal cysts, it may form pus which main cause of the foul smell and extreme pain. It is not a serious condition, but as it is an infection, it may make the individual feel uncomfortable

How does a pilonidal sinus feel?

In most cases, the individual may feel a lump in their tailbone area, and it moves when they press on it.

Can a pilonidal cyst fade away on its own?

In some cases, pilonidal cyst medicine appear on their own, but if individual experience chronic pilonidal cyst symptoms, it may come and go over time.


We have learned the causes, symptoms and why pilonidal sinus symptoms occur, and suitable treatments. All these will help individuals know the symptoms earlier and reach the doctor at a proper time. Initially, they can prevent this pilonidal sinus at home by washing the infected area daily with mild soap and rinsing off the soap cleanly, and letting it dry completely