Best Weight Gain Diet Plan in 2021 – With Yummy Recipes!

Are you wondering about the Best Weight Gain Diet Plan – The ultimate goal for many people is to lose weight,  but they fail to opt for a real diet plan that is ultimately helpful to shed some pounds. But there can be multiple reasons.

It might be because you just want to make your body look massive; with all the building muscles and ads, you just want to recover from any deficiency that dropped your weight. In this article, we will show you an effective diet plan that will surely change your life.

Weight gain diet plan for Skinny Guys:

  • Have enough protein at every meal:

Having enough protein at every meal will be greatly helpful to gain weight,  but it is also crucial to eat protein at an appropriate amount.  Protein is an important substance that aid in a building block for most of the complete body.  Intaking of protein will be a great addition to creating your muscle mass.  You can have oatmeal, pancakes, mashed potatoes, a glass of milk,  and baked goods.

  • Use sauces and other toppings to gain weight:

There are many other ingredients rather than oil and butter that can help you gain weight up to your expectations—toppings and sauces oven of an exceptional opportunity to have extra calories.  You can just opt for having mayonnaise on your sandwiches.  You can also top your food with avocado, cheese, and nuts.  Opt for cream-based sauces.

  • Add healthy fats to your cooking:

It is the legit way to have some extra calories to your food with fat.  You can use oil like flaxseed oil, olive oil, and avocado oil which are extremely good for cardiac health and offer many benefits.  And most foods will absorb the oil in the cooking process, and when you eat them, you have consumed enough fat.

Weight gain diet plan for Vegetarians:

  • Quinoa:

Quinoa is an effective solution for quickly gaining weight because it is filled with fiber, protein, and other nutrients required by your body.  It is one of the complete plant-based sources of protein that offers all-important amino acids. Moreover, you can also have this as a side dish which can be included in stews,  soups, and salads to indulge yourself in calories and gain massive weight.

  • Dry fruits:

Dry fruits are the ultimate way to gain some excess calories, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.  Because it is organically high in sugars and, when amalgamated with a nutritious protein substance, will help you reduce the possible effects on your blood sugar.  You can just make your choice of dry fruit sweets or have it with oatmeal or in breakfast to gain weight faster.

  • Have sweet potatoes:

You have come across sweet potatoes. It is rich, vibrant shade, delicious in flavour,  rich in starch and nutrients.  It is also high in fiber and calories with essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which can be a super topping for your excess weight gain.

  • Tahini:

You have come across the word tahini. It is a paste produced from the ground and toasted sesame seeds, and it is normal in the middle eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.  It is enriched with healthy fats, protein, calories, and fiber.  You can just combine a few tablespoons of tahini in a day into your diet, which will ultimately boost up your calorie  and contribute to Healthy weight gain

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 Weight gain diet plan for High Metabolism:

  • Take carbohydrates and fats:

Never miss a chance of having carbohydrates and fats in an expressive manner because they play a crucial role if you are willing to gain extra weight seriously.  They also offer all the essential nutrients for a healthy weight that will keep a balance.  So consume carbohydrates and fats as much as possible without cutting them down.

  • Focus on calorie-dense foods:

It means you have to offer enough calories for your body by eating healthy whole foods that are enriched in macronutrients.  Foods that can help reduce calories to your body.  Some of the foods with high water content, like green vegetables and cucumber, will be great for your body and even offer the proper micronutrients.

Maximize the meal intake frequency:

It is common to have three meals regularly, but if you are looking forward to gaining weight in an effective way, it also adds calories to your body and keeps you healthy.   So the only way is to start having small meals that are fewer meals. If you prefer having fewer meals, it boosts Your metabolism, which is a very good way to meet your daily energy requirements.


We have concluded from the above discussion that it is very good to have a proper weight gain diet plan if you are really focused on gaining extra weight.  We have brought an effective solution for that,  so you don’t have to worry about skinny anymore.  Even after following all those healthy diets, if you feel it is not helpful, you must ask for supplements after consulting with the doctor.