How to Reduce face fat In 2021 – Simple & Effective Ways

Are you wondering about How to reduce face fat? Face fat is nothing but the collection of excess fat tissues on the face, making you look chubbish with a round and fuller appearance.  It is cute to have chubby cheeks,  but sometimes you demand sharp features, i.e.,  pointed jawline, shaped cheekbones, the sharp nose that makes you look ultimately smart.  But having a double chin and face fat will be quite infuriating and hectic to get rid of. In this article, we will explore the tricks to reduce face fat.

How to Reduce Face Fat Exercises:

  • Distend your cheeks:

Distending the cheeks maximizes the blood circulation in the face muscles, specifically around the cheeks.  Having improved blood circulation will make your upper cheek muscles stronger and enhance your facial appearance. Just distend your mouth and consistently hold your breath for 10 seconds.  Now shift the air towards the right cheek and continue the same step for the next 10 seconds. Next,  perform the same with the left cheek.

  • Perform Chin lifts:

It is a facial exercise suitable for the lower half of the face and the jaw.  If you are all looking forward to reducing the region’s fat, then it is an ideal exercise to do.

  • Keep raising your eyebrows:

If you practice the forehead exercise daily, it will keep your eyebrows up and aid in eliminating forehead wrinkles which are promoted by the deed of the frontalis muscles on the forehead.  This workout is also suitable for the sagging eyebrows

  • Perform cheekbone lift:

Performing the cheekbone left will help strengthen the cheek muscles by eliminating the fat in that specific area and keeping control of the form and structure of the cheeks.

How to Reduce Face Fat Home Remedies:

  • Use cocoa butter:

Using cocoa butter will help you to keep your skin hydrated and enhance its elasticity.  Just take a few spoons of cocoa butter and heat it in the oven; after a few moments,   simply massage it on your face, chin, and neck when it becomes lukewarm.  Follow this twice before heading for a shower in the morning.

  • Use Glycerin:

According to the report applying glycerine to your skin well maintains the healthiness and keeps it rigid by hydrating it.  Take one tablespoon of glycerine and a little amount of Epsom salt to make a mask in a home in a minute.  You can also put some peppermint oil into it.  Using a cotton bud massage at neck cheeks and chin area. Let it on the skin for a while until absorbed, and wash it with cool water.

  • Apply milk:

No doubt, milk is enriched with multiple essential nutrients that will enhance your face tone and strengthen your skin—moreover, the anti-aging substance and milk aids in sustaining skin elasticity. You can use milk in two ways. One is drinking it daily will improve skin moisture and enhance skin condition.  You can also use some raw milk and apply it to the face and neck.  Further, rinse it off with lukewarm water, which will help to escape the double chin problem.

  • Use melon:

Using melon will be helpful acid act as a skin-strengthening substance.  It comprises Vitamin C, which is rich in anti-aging substances.  Next, take a cotton ball and extract the melon juice in a bowl,  further massage you directly on your face.  After 5 minutes, the result will aid in losing facial fat within a week.

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How To Reduce Face Fat During Pregnancy:

  • Practice exercises:

Performing physical activity or exercises even at your end of pregnancy period can help eliminate swelling.  Don’t be hard on yourself; suggest practicing low-impact exercises like moderate walking and swimming.  For you can just discuss with your doctor before opting for any exercise during pregnancy,  and ask them that within your body and able to handle it.

  • Consume healthy and protein-rich foods:

You have to change your diet when you are in a pregnancy period and consider having enough protein.  Because if your body has an insufficient amount of protein, it can promote to sustain fluid which can cause those chubby cheeks. Eat protein-rich foods like turkey, chicken breast, and Tofu regularly with nutrient-rich veggies and fruits, which will help to reduce facial fat.

  • Keep yourself cool:

If you get conceived during the summer months and if you are in a third trimester, it can be very challenging to combat the heat, which can cause even swelling.  So you have to prevent as much as not exposing yourself to direct sunlight. If you step outside, ensure to shelter yourself under something and wear a cloth that is heat resistant.  You can also place cold compresses on the cheeks; it will help to escape the face swelling.


Above, we have discussed some of the effective ways to how to reduce face fat. Everything is simple, from home remedies to exercises to make your face well-shaped and make you look more beautiful.  Moreover, we have also shared some ideas to cut face fat during pregnancy, but it would be helpful to discuss it with your doctor before practicing it.