Top 10 Exercise For Weight Loss in 2021 – Easy Ways!

Are you curious for Exercise For Weight Loss? – While you are hard for yourself to shed some weight, you look for a routine that provides maximum results.  But you have to avoid the misconception that is the only option.  Because there are other shorter yet effective exercises that will help you fight weight loss, in this article, we will help you know precisely which exercise for weight loss can burn most of the calories.

Exercise For Weight Loss At Home:

  • Plank exercises:

If you are looking for the option to lose weight at home, then practicing plank exercises is one of the ideal full-body workouts to practice.  And ultimate merit of plank exercise is it aims at most of the major muscles areas in the body.  It makes muscles stronger in the core,  back, show, chest, hips, and arms.  Besides these exclusive benefits, it also aids promptly in burning the excess calories and fats from the body, which will help you lose some weight.

  • Do push-ups:

You have come across this word push-ups exercises for decades.  And this workout can be performed by anyone at any time at any place. Push-ups are a great option for force or push your body away from the surface and use energy, which burns calories.  Performing push-ups daily will help burn some calories quickly and keep you focused on the massive muscles in your upper body.

  • Skipping:

You have been doing skipping while you were studying in school,  but it is a good option until now as it provides a complete body workout and aids maximize muscle strength,  increase metabolism and burn numerous calories simultaneously in a short span.  It also helps keep your cardiac health well and good as it comes blood across the body system in a better way.  So this exercise for weight loss is a healthier option.

Exercise For Weight Loss For Beginners:

  • Running:

Running is a very good choice of exercise to reduce your weight.  It enhances your cardiovascular health,  maximizes stamina, and burns calories.  It is helpful to burn harmful visceral fat known as belly fat.  So it would help if you did the running exercise for about 30 or 40 minutes daily.  You can also get the train from here personal trainer and make a proper running routine.

  • Walking:

Walking is the simplest and easiest way for beginners to kids start their exercise routine without feeling agitated.  It is a very low-impact exercise but of extreme benefits of burning calories.  You don’t have to worry about stressing your joints,  just 30 minutes of moderate walking will help burn at least 167 calories.  Initially, it will be challenging for you, so keep a target of 30 minutes three to four times a week.  Later, it will become your daily routine, and you will demand some extra walks to stay more fit.

  • Interval training:

You have come across the word HIIT (high-intensity interval training); it is a popular exercise that aid in burning a lot of calories if you practice for 10 to 30 minutes.  According to some studies, practicing interval training has burned 25 to 30% more calories per minute compared to other exercises.  It means you can practice this by spending just a little amount of time.  Interval training is specifically efficient in burning belly fat which is also closely related to many chronic diseases.

  • Try doing yoga:

Yoga has been practiced for many decades, and it is a good solution to relieve stress.  Apart from relieving stress, it is also a popular exercise for some weight loss as it helps burn a fair amount of calories and provides other health benefits that can help you lose weight.  Practicing yoga for 30 minutes can help you to burn  149 cal.

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Exercise For Weight Loss After 50:

  • Stay active more:

Prefer to work as much as possible without sitting for too long.  It will help you burn more calories which is crucial if you are trying to lose weight.  But it is a bit challenging if you have crossed the age of 50,  but you can make it easy by just simply  getting up from your child and taking a  short walk for every hour

  • Kindly focus on body constitution:

If your body is gaining weight, it means your body is filled with excess fat that needs to be cut down.  But at the same time, you should observe your muscle mass which is crucial for your health.  On one side, you must prepare to build your muscles, and other side cutting down the excess fat must be your target. 


What exercises will help you to burn belly fat?

If you are looking forward to practicing exercises, then your first step is to burn visceral fat by practicing aerobic exercise for 30 minutes daily.

Do plank exercises burn belly fat?

Yes, practicing plank is one of the best calorie-burning techniques that will help weight loss.  Moreover, it can also help by benefiting the strength of your


People are always looking for the best exercise for weight loss to burn the extra calories and make their bodies well-structured from every core.  Here in this article, we have discussed enough techniques that will surely help you in more than one way.