Ac Smells like Burning Rubber[2021] – Simple tips to Avoid

It’s the center of the afternoon and therefore the temperatures are rising, therefore you crank up the air con to bring a touch of comfort to your home. Solely to note that your“AC smells like burning rubber” or the other chemical smell.

Obviously, this is often a cause for alarm. Each air conditioner  uses an electrical ignition to work , therefore it’s necessary to be aware of electrical hazards  if you ever notice a chemical smell coming back from the AC system.

Portable “AC smells like burning rubber”

  • If you notice an odor that smells like burning plastic or burning rubber your chamber may have a lot of significant issues.
  • Sometimes a burning plastic smell will be the sign of associated electrical failure. Malfunctions within the heater will cause the plastic wire casings to fail and meltdown. The melting of casings may cause a burning rubber smell.
  • If you probably did not take away an overseas object that was the reason for a plastic smell, you ought to stop mistreating your chamber and find an associate linesman to examine it directly.
  • An electrical burning smell may even be one thing a lot of serious like associate hot chamber motor or a cracked device. Decision associate intimate technician to see the electrical parts in your chamber.
  •  In one case, a humidifier had a nozzle put in higher than the chamber that was presupposed to clean the air stream. This plastic burst off and fell onto the heating components.

Why does my AC smell like burning plastic?

Turning on your AC on a hot summer day suggests that a cool, comfy temperature within that you just will relish.  There are four main issues why AC smells like burning rubber ” that might be the reason for a burning smell when turning on the AC:

  • A Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is completely necessary for your AC unit to run properly and funky down the house. Refrigerant is what removes the recent air from the house and blows cold air through the vents.  Refrigerant travels through copper coils, and over time, these copper coils will traumatize, inflicting cracks.  Refrigerants traveling through these copper coils can then break through the cracks.  If you smell a sweet, chloroform kind smell once you activate the AC, it’s possible from the leaky refrigerant.

  • New Ductwork

In case you’ve done any new ductwork, the glue from this new ductwork could be the reason behind the  supply of the rubber-like chemical smell in the home. Whereas this can be not a heavy drawback that needs AC repair, it is annoying.  There’s not a lot that may be done to eliminate this smell except stay up for the smell to travel away over time.

  • Containers of Chemicals close to the Indoor Air Handler

An AC unit consists of an outdoor and an enclosed unit. The within unit is termed the air handler and is typically settled within the basement of a home. Wherever the air handler is found is additionally normally used as a space for storing.  Sometimes, chemicals kept close to the air handler will cause the fumes from chemical containers to blow throughout the house. Look if all chemicals are packed tightly or kept in a different  space to avoid a chemical smell within the home.

  • Air Filters

An electricity air cleaner produces gas that smells plenty like a chemical element. This might be the supply of the chemical odor and will cause hassle respiration.  Lower the setting on your filter to scale back the chemical smell and gas being free.

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How do I fix a burning smell in my AC?

In order to solve the problem that is “AC smells like rubber” , here are some measures you can look upon :

  • If you notice a burning smell coming from your A/C, turn it off to prevent overheating and schedule an HVAC inspection for a technician to look over all the malfunctions  and wiring parts that could be the reason behind this.
  • Anytime you’re involved that your AC unit isn’t operating because it ought to, it’s vital that you just decide the professionals to make sure everything is functioning properly and you’ll be able to have a straightforward, comfy summer in your cool, cool home.


If in case the  “AC smells like burning rubber”, one should take appropriate measures . If possible try to find out the reason yourself or leave it to some professional .

Sometimes it is better to leave  HVAC issues to  the professionals. Just in case your air conditioning or heater  is emitting a burning smell or not functioning well . This can be dangerous too . Wiring problem could be one of the reasons behind the smell from the AC. Hence all the measures must be taken care of .