Can Rain damage Air conditioner[2021]? Revealing Truth

Are you looking for Can Rain damage Air conditioner?- It looks that any electrical appliances could get broken once it comes connected with rain . In several cases it’s true , although the solution to the question “Can rain damage air conditioner “ is slightly yes  however not 100% .

Rain will harm your cooling however solely up to a really low level. There my be different main reasons by that your cooling gets weak . The condenser of the cooling might be affected , contractor or there square measure several different devices employed in the air conditioner that may have an effect on the operating of your AC .

Can rain damage air conditioner?

Being serious rains cannot hurt your AC unit, the winds within the middle of constant rain can dirt, leaves, twigs, and completely different trash to interrupt the condenser fan grille. Therefore here are  a number of the explanations that’s really harming your cooling , these are:

Storm harm: whereas rain  most likely won’t harm your air con unit, high winds that accompany it’s going to cause falling objects like tree branches that harm the condenser fan grille or deposit leaves and different junk within. examine the outside and interior of the unit once any severe storm.

Flooding: despite the fact that many inches of precipitation from a coastal storm shouldn’t threaten you’re a/C, deep standing water from localized flooding may have an effect on it. Usually speaking, as long as flood waters don’t exceed around fifteen inches exhaustive, the moving elements and electrical parts of the out of doors unit ought to weather the storm. If you expertise additional severe flooding, have your HVAC contractor inspect the unit before your restart it.

Internal corrosion: many householders choose to cowl the out of doors part of their A/C for the winter. If you’re one in all them, choose a commercially offered cowl with correct ventilation openings. Wrapping the unit in plastic for AN air-tight enclosure subjects internal parts to AN setting of continuous wetness for months. In contrast to precipitation that dries up with ventilation, at bay condensation can rot wiring and rubber further as corrode metal elements.

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How do I defend my Air Conditioner from Rain ?

Though could individuals have this question in mind that “can rain harm my Air Conditioner” however eventually it’s not rain that harm your air conditioner rather there are  different bound factors which can have an effect on your cooling to a better level. therefore here square measure some square measure the ways by that you’ll be able to defend your cooling :

Ideal Temperature: Keep your air conditioners at ideal temperature 24-26-degree Anders Celsius for proper quantity of cooling and energy saving.

Appropriate Mode: Use applicable mode (Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan) with regard to season for optimum output of indoor unit system.

Use Ceiling Fan: It pushes the new air below at intervals the area that the AC outside unit exerts less pressure and cooling is additionally done smoothly.

 • Condensate Water: If condensation drain water line carries mud particles, then over a quantity it’s going to clog drain pipe. In result, it ought to turn out water over flow or escape hassle.

AC Performance: do not install any heat generating & power dynamical device like diode TV, pc etc. close to air conditioners it ought to impact on system performance additionally as erratic behaviour of unit.

Should I turn off my AC throughout Rain?

 Not really . there’s no hurt in exploitation your AC throughout time of year . It’s absolutely safe to run degree AC whereas it rains , but it’s even recommend to have your AC repaired before monsoon. Since all the grubby winds in summer may have clogged up the condenser. In monsoon, once the wet air would style the fins it’d flip the choking technique additional. So, No hurt if you run AC in Monsoon but make sure you service it to avoid any breakdowns . However but it seems that “rain will harm your air conditioner” however the answer is no .

Here square measure the only cases where it’d not be true.

•A transferable unit(dryer kind vent) running outside in degree uncovered area where rain can hit it.

•A window unit not in degree actual window but 100% outside like at intervals the on high of case.


Even though the question says “can rain damage air conditioner“ but it’s not true . Even objects falling on your unit, like tree branches, from the storm can cause hurt. a touch rain won’t harm your window unit. The items of the cooling that can’t get wet square measure sealed and guarded, eliminating any problems. For this reason, it’s continuously an honest plan to examine the unit  once a powerful storm. Simply check it over, ensuring no leaves, sticks, or different junk have gotten at bay within.