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The answer to this question is “Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms” It is not the cold air rather it is the stuff in the air that is making you sick. This can make your nose run, in reaction to a change in temperature but for a short duration. And that’s not an illness.

Flu, allergies, colds, different diseases you will attribute to the air con square measure caused by bacteria, viruses and allergens that square measure being blown out by the air conditioning. this is often actually because the air cleaner for the system has not been properly and adequately cleansed. Read the below article and avail the information on Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms.

How do I know if my AC is making me sick? 

Yes, your AC (Air Conditioner)  can make you sick! however, the wrongdoer here isn’t your cooling, as luck would have it. The cold air coming back from your AC or the unit itself isn’t inherently creating you sick. The explanations for your aspect effects of air conditioning! This suggests that your HVAC unit is interacting with the atmosphere to supply a good atmosphere for health problems.

* To put it simply, cooling circulates the air in your room, and if your space consists of pollutants, these also get easily dispersed. These pollutants then find themselves triggering your health problems.

* For example, suppose you have got dander floating around or mould and microorganism gift in your space. Therein case, air-con can cause these pollutants to flow into, which might cause sore throats, stuffy noses, or metabolic process problems.

* Also, if your cooling system isn’t well maintained, it will find yourself being a supply of mould growth and microorganism. As air passes through your AC, these pollutants will merely escape into your space.

Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms Treatment

air conditioning sickness symptoms

To be clear; air conditioners do not make people sick, pathogens do. It’s due to exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses, and such microorganisms that which makes us I’ll. You can follow a few steps to avoid exposure. These are some common Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms and how to avoid them.

* Headaches And Feeling Dizzy

Whenever the air conditioner is switched on. it will increase cold conditions alongside lowering humidity. So in this case use of a humidifier is advised, if one experience any air conditioning symptoms. The most important is to drink a lot of water during the day to reduce this effect.

* Dry Skin due to Low Humidity Problem

When you run Air Conditioner at a low temperature, this results in drying of the skin and lowers the flow of white blood cells to the skin. Hence reducing its power to fight. The solution is to install a humidifier to create an HVAC contractor. 

* Common Cold and Respiratory Issue

As viruses are more likely to multiply in cold conditions. The Air Conditioner does not make you sick rather it increases the chances of getting cold by fastening the spread of a virus that causes cold. As viruses thrive best in low-temperature conditions, avoid running your conditioner when it is cold. The use of moisturizer to avoid becoming dry. 

* Heat Intolerance

Some people cannot withstand heat or high temperatures. These people need an air conditioning room otherwise they are not comfortable, this creates the need for Air conditioners. To avoid this condition natural ventilation is used for cooling when it is not too hot. Another solution is to add a thermostat to your Air Conditioner or walk outside your room to get some fresh air. 

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Is it bad to sleep with AC on?

Air conditioners, like any other electrical appliances, bear specific rules during operation. Compliance with several conditions will ensure a comfortable and safe sleep.

The air conditioner should be away or far from the sleeping place. It’s essential to select the optimal temperature, depending on the season and time of day. In summer, at night, It is recommended to set it at about 24-27 degrees. 

You can avoid unwelcome consequences if you configure it rightly

* The direction of the tailwind

* Addict speed

It’s inversely important to consider the position of the device precisely. The cold air that’s generated during the operation of the device increases the liability of getting sick. The device should not be installed in front of places where people rest. 


Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms? The conclusion goes straight away. The air conditioners turn out to be harmful when it gets up mixed with the foul air. The appliance is not the reason for the disorder caused, rather it causes the illness when the conditioners air gets mixed with the air around. Air conditioners work as a medium in increasing the cold atmosphere around, causing the illness to reach a faster rate in our bodies. The appliance needs to be used appropriately. If used suitably, within the limit, the ill effect on health will get minimal.